Internet Display Ads for Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical Contractors

Internet Display Ads for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Well and Water Conditioning Contractors

You know how a Ferguson ad shows up on your favorite news website? That’s a banner or display ad. Display ad space is available for rent all over the internet and social media. For the sake of keeping things simple, we are going to put paid social display and paid internet display in this same category.

What Purpose Do Display Ads Play In a Marketing Plan for Plumbers, Electricians, and HVAC Contractors?

Paid display, when applied properly, can go either way: Branding or Advertising. Unfortunately, because of most people’s set it and forget tendencies, this tactic is poorly executed. Another challenge is finding a clean way to deploy these ads. Most internet display is being peddled by third parties such as large media groups and dying phone book companies.

Are Display Ads a Tap Root or Feeder Root?

Paid display advertising is a Feeder Root and should be used after your Tap Roots are securely planted.

Ways Internet Display Ads Can Be Used to Help Your Home Service Business

Behavioral Targeting: 

This is where a user is targeted based on their internet behavior. The websites a user visits and the user’s movement through the internet are tracked via cookies or other tracking methods. When the user’s internet behavior satisfies parameters in a campaign and visits a website or Facebook that has ad space available, the advertiser is charged, and their ad is displayed. This type of paid internet advertising can be quite effective and used to “follow” clients around the internet that may be close to buying a new water heater, furnace, or other service.

Internet Billboards:

Display ads can also be purchased and placed on websites that are not behavior-specific. Think of these like internet billboards. Because these types of ads are not permissive-based, general display ads would be used to promote your brand vs. drive sales.

Use Tracked Phone Numbers: 

You likely won’t book many calls directly from a display ad, but you need to track the effectiveness regardless.


Don’t count this tactic out for recruiting. Some of these targeted programs that social media and the internet offer can be crazy effective for putting your employment ad into the lap of people that are sniffing around for other job opportunities.

People See These, but Don’t See These:

Again, these are the billboards of the internet. Can you name all the billboards you saw this week? Exactly. What these ads help do is burn your brand into the mind of your clients.

The Message Must Match the Purpose: 

This seems simple, but I’m appalled at how misapplied this tactic is. If you’re following people around the internet trying to sell water heaters in a targeted campaign… make sure your message is about water heaters. On the other hand, if you’re running general display ads (billboards), does it make sense to talk about specific services? Not from where I’m sitting.

How Much Should You Budget to Spend on Display Ads?

Because of the variations in market, season, campaign purpose, and company size, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all budget. Based on our experience, this is much less expensive than PPC because the value isn’t there with people who are needing a solution now. You can also easily scale this up and down.

Eric Smith - Founder & CEO of Elite Trades

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