Plumbing Price Books

For plumbing business owners, the difference between profit and loss often hinges on the accuracy and detail of their pricing strategies. A well-crafted plumbing price book, also commonly called a plumbing flat rate price book, is much more than a list of services and prices: it’s a critical sales tool that drives efficiency, customer satisfaction, increases profitability, and allows for scalability. In this Be Elite Guide, we dive deep into what makes a successful plumbing price book, offering guidance on building, integrating, and optimizing your plumbing price book so it gets you and your customers what they want.

Without a Price Book, You Can’t Scale

A plumbing price book is the cornerstone of a scalable, profitable, and healthy trades service company. It makes selling plumbing services (and, in turn, buying the services you offer) easy for your customer. For plumbers looking for flat rate pricing, this plumbers’ flat rate pricing tool helps standardize pricing across the business, ensuring consistency and transparency in customer charges. Effective price books cover various services from simple repairs to full installations, each tailored to reflect the cost of labor, materials, overhead, and desired profit margins.

Why Proper Pricing is Crucial

If you do not price your services properly, your business will fail. Despite this undisputed law of business, improper pricing plagues many home service businesses. Avoiding failure at business should be motivation enough, but let’s take a look at some of the other primary benefits of being priced properly and using a price book:
  • Protects Profits: Ensures every job is profitable.
  • Increases Professionalism: Enhances the perception of your business.
  • Establishes Trust with Clients: Clear, upfront pricing builds confidence.
  • Improves Cash Flow: Eliminates or greatly reduces receivables.
  • Reduces Administrative Burden: Cuts down on office/admin time related to invoicing.
  • Prevents Billing Mistakes: Reduces errors and client disputes.
  • Holds Team Accountable: Standardized pricing means clear expectations for staff.
  • Enhances Employee Trust: Transparent pricing systems foster a better working environment.

Why Plumbing Companies Don’t Have a Price Book

At Elite Trades, we have been working with plumbing companies and their owners for over 20 years and have found the leading causes for not having a plumbing price book or pricing strategy include:
  • Lack of time to build the price book
  • Lack of resources to implement the price book
  • Absence of data needed to compile accurate pricing
  • Fear of flat rate pricing
“Working with Elite Trades eliminates these leading reasons plumbing companies don’t have an organized well-thought-out price guide or flat rate book. We walk our clients through the process step by step ensuring their pricing is fair, consistent, and loaded into their software so techs can apply it.”

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Creating Your Plumbing Price Book with Elite Trades

We believe so strongly in proper pricing, we’ll even give you a free plumbing price book. Proper pricing means setting prices that produce happy clients, happy employees, and profit all at the same time. Calculating this requires specific details about your company, your people, and your market. Elite Trades helps plumbing company business owners develop and implement proper pricing.

1) Categorize Your Price Book: Must-Have Categories

Putting together a price book that is easy to use will be key in how successful you’ll be in training your team of plumbing technicians to use it. During our 25+ years of working with and building some of the most elite plumbing companies in the US, we have found the following must-have categories or sections for your plumbing price guide:

Service & Diagnostic Fees

  • Initial Service Call Fees: Trip charges, dispatch fees, or any other fee you charge on a service call.
  • Diagnostic Assessments: Troubleshooting fees, advanced diagnostics, leak searching, and all other costs related to finding the cause of a plumbing problem or building out the solutions.
  • Emergency Service Rates: Premium charges for urgent services outside normal business hours.

Plumbing Repairs

  • Water, Gas & Drain Pipe Repairs: List out and subcategorize all the different plumbing pipe repairs you make to water, gas, and drain distribution piping, including leak repairs.
  • Sewer & Drain Cleaning: Include toilet stoppages, fixture stoppages, as well as main line drain clearing tasks.
  • Fixture Repairs: Categorize all repairs you perform on typical plumbing fixtures like kitchen, lavatory, and tub/shower faucet repairs, toilet repairs, and other routine fixture services.
  • Sump & Sewage Repairs: If you offer sump pump services and perform repairs on them, include float replacements, alarms, and check valves.
  • Plumbing Equipment Repairs: All repairs made to water heaters, water softeners, well systems, or any other plumbing equipment your company services.

Plumbing Replacements

  • Water Heater Replacement: List all the different types of water heater replacements you offer, such as gas, electric, and tankless.
  • Toilet Replacement: Include all options for replacing a client’s toilet with a new one.
  • Sump & Sewage Replacement: All sewage pumps, sump pumps, and effluent pump replacements offered and available to clients.
  • Faucet Replacement: Keep kitchen faucet, lavatory faucet, and tub/shower replacements all in the same section of the price guide for ease.
  • Water Conditioning: Replacement water softeners, iron filters, RO systems, and other water treatment replacements.

Plumbing Installation, Remodel & Re-pipes

  • New Installations: If your company commonly installs plumbing where there isn’t current plumbing, a new installation section of the price book is a great idea.
  • Remodels: For plumbing companies looking for price book solutions for their remodeling services, a well-defined and built-out section makes pricing and finding these services seamless for the sales tech and customer.
  • Water & Drain Repiping: The infrastructure of a home’s plumbing system is the water and drain piping system. Tremendous opportunity lies in the replacement and repiping of these systems.

2) Build the Tasks: What Services to Include

Building out the tasks in your price book is a two-step process. The first step is simply deciding what services you will list in your price book and which ones you will not.
  • Focus on building tasks for your most common plumbing services.
  • Base the tasks in your plumbing price book on the inventory you carry.
  • Build universal tasks that help cover repairs that don’t fit into a specific category because you won’t be able to have a task in the price book for every single service you offer.

3) Pricing Strategy: Setting Your Rates & Markups

There are many variables to consider when setting your pricing rates, including:
  • Direct costs of labor for primary techs
  • Direct costs of labor for secondary/helper techs
  • Exact benefit burdens
  • Market conditions
  • Company image and market perception
  • Vehicle types and inventory
  • Accepted payment types
  • Business stability and mode (growth, maintenance, repair)
These factors, plus a step-by-step process for determining exactly how much to charge for plumbing services, can be found in our Setting Your Rates Guide.

4) Use Software Tools to Make Price Book Building Easy

Modern software solutions can automate much of this process, providing templates and calculative tools that simplify data entry and pricing strategy development. For example, our Plumbing Price Book Builder, which we offer for free, is:
  • Simple to use
  • Able to be printed or uploaded to any software
  • Completely customizable
  • Filled with hundreds of tasks already loaded into it
  • Not a glitchy app to download and doesn’t require special software
  • Applicable for time and material pricing or fixed fee pricing
  • Guaranteed to ensure pricing consistency
  • Designed to protect your profit margins
  • Ensuring you’re charging the right amount—not too much, and not too little

5) Training and Engaging Your Team

Training Technicians and Sales Teams
  • Train weekly with your team on how to use the price book properly. Highlight the importance of customer engagement and transparency.
  • Use role play to create real life engagements between technicians where the price book can be applied.
Employee Feedback on Pricing
  • Gather feedback from employees who use the price book daily.
  • Utilize this feedback to enhance pricing accuracy and service delivery.

Integrating Your Plumbing Pricing Guide with Software

The integration of your price book with business management software like Housecall Pro or ServiceTitan can dramatically enhance operational efficiency. Here’s how:

Integrating with ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan software is a best-in-class software for the home services industry and has robust price book capabilities, ranging from paid products such as Price Book Pro and its out-of-the-box price book which can be integrated into. Advantages of integrating your price book into ServiceTitan:
  • One central source for pricing data
  • Quick, easy, & real-time pricing adjustments
  • High customization
  • Easy to organize
  • Allows for excellent presentation to clients

Integrating with Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is another major player in the home services industry software space. Housecall Pro has a built-in price book that our Elite Trades Price Book Builder integrates seamlessly with as well. Advantages of integrating your price book into Housecall Pro:
  • Simple integration process
  • Easy to maintain, organize, and add to

Best Price Book Solutions for Plumbers

There is no shortage of price book solutions for plumbing contractors out there, each with advantages and disadvantages. The decision to choose one price book product often boils down to a current affiliation with a software company, ease of use, and cost.
Elite Tip: Forgo paying extra for a price book product. Instead, invest the time and money into building your own customized plumbing price book. This ensures it has exactly what you need in it and will make implementing and training your techs much easier.

ServiceTitan – Price Book Pro

ServiceTitan has a paid product that directly integrates with their software, coming as a prebuilt online plumbing flat rate or time and materials price book.

House Call Pro

House Call Pro Focuses on ease of use and mobile access, ideal for businesses seeking straightforward, effective solutions.

Profit Rhino

An online plumbing flat rate software known for its vast template library and customizable options, making it suitable for plumbers wanting extensive control over their pricing structures.

Elite Trades Price Book

A unique solution providing specialized features designed to meet the specific needs of plumbing contractors. Built to optimize pricing accuracy and for upload into major softwares such as ServiceTitan or Housecall Pro.

Managing Your Plumbing Price Book for Long-Term Success

Building a plumbing price book is not a one-off project. In fact, the price book that houses the selling prices for all of your plumbing services is a living, breathing organic part of your business. To ensure that your price book ebbs and flows with the normal cadence of your business, follow these Elite Trades tips:

Update Material & Equipment Costs Monthly:

If your price book is dynamic and has the ability to update as the prices you pay for both equipment and materials change, make sure you are updating these costs at least on a monthly basis.

Keep Your Eye on the Market:

It’s important to keep an eye on your close competitors, but don’t put too much weight on what they are doing. Too many plumbing companies let what other companies charge for services dictate what they charge for services.
“If you are going to base your price points on someone else in your market, make sure that competitor and how they go to the market is what you as a home service business owner are aiming to achieve based on size, market dominance, and service offerings”, says Elite Trades CEO and Master Strategist, Eric Smith.

Use Technology:

The free price book builder and pricing calculator Elite Trades provides its clients is a leader of the pack when it comes to ease of use and universal integrations, but is far from the cutting edge of technology. Software and tools such as ServiceTitan and Housecall Pro provide a technology platform that helps with maintaining a price book in today’s day and age. Make sure your plumbing company keeps up with the latest technology so your plumbing price guide is up to date with the latest technology.

Additional Plumbing Business Price Book Resources

Through our vast experience in the plumbing industry, Elite Trades offers a robust and all-inclusive resource deck when it comes to building, maintaining, and improving the price book you use for your business. Would You Like A Free Price Book: Claim your free price book builder Still Deciding How Much To Charge: Visit the industry-dominating blog on how to set your rates Multi Trade Companies: We have price book resources available for the Plumbing, Water Conditioning, Well and HVAC industry. Want To Be Elite: Book a free consultation to learn more about how Elite Trades can work alongside you to build the plumbing company of your dreams

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