Radio & TV Advertising Strategies for Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical Companies

Radio & TV Advertising Strategies for Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical Companies

Radio, TV, and other mass media are the slow burn of advertising. Because of the slower sales cycle that exists for plumbing and HVAC companies, it is used strictly as a branding tool at first. Once you have saturated the market and burned your message into the mind of your market, you can then start to occasionally use radio for direct response. Over 50% of our company’s and many of our clients’ marketing budgets are funneled to radio and/or TV. Our methodology is as follows: we have a great organic website presence and overall marketing program to capture opportunities that exist today. If we begin to talk to the market when they don’t need us, perhaps when they do need us, they will go to Google specifically to find us versus shopping for a plumber or HVAC contractor. This method has worked wonderfully for us over the years. 

Effective radio requires a significant investment and is a whole different level of advertising. Results are based on three main things: Relevance (does the listener you’re talking to care? And if so, how much?), Credibility (does the listener believe the claims being made by the advertiser?), and Repetition/Frequency (how often is the listener exposed to this message?). Below we provide just a couple of the key concepts to provide as a starting point. If you are considering getting on the radio, please get in touch with us and we will help walk you through the rest… because there is a lot at stake!

Where Do Radio and TV Ads Fit into the Marketing Strategy for a Plumber, HVAC, or Electrical Contractor?

Very few people listening to the radio or watching TV actually need a plumber today or the services offered by HVAC and electrical repair companies. This means the purpose of your ads is to convince a listener that they want to call you when they need your services.

Are Radio Ads a Tap Root or Feeder Root?

Radio & TV are Feeder Roots and should not be deployed until you are ready.

Key Concepts for Effective Radio and TV Advertising:

The Dominant Brands Are Always on TV or Radio:

The most dominant brands in any market leverage TV or radio, or often both. These platforms offer unparalleled reach and influence, crucial for solidifying your brand presence.

Knowledge is Power and Money:

There is a ton of awesome information available regarding how to use the radio to really grow your business. Before you start spending 50-100k a year on the radio, do yourself a favor and study some ads. You’ll at least know when the ad man is selling BS.

Frequency is KEY:

Radio salespeople will toss around a lot of data. The most important figure to look at is frequency. Shoot for a minimum frequency of 3, meaning the same message will be heard by the same person within seven nights of sleep.

Get the Message Right:

Radio ads, and actually all ad writing, is an art. Bad ads or ads that look and sound like the rest don’t cut through and will not work. Budget some money for good ad writing. Your radio stations will offer to write the ads for you, and if you’re smart, you will politely decline.

Work with an Expert:

Because of the significant investment, it’s essential to work with experts in TV and radio advertising. Elite Trades collaborates with some of the best minds in the world for TV and radio advertising to align plumbing, HVAC, electrical, well, and water conditioning contractors with the right fit.

You’re Not a Consumer of Plumbing or HVAC Services, So Stop Trying to Sell to Yourself:

Ad content, station choices, etc., are often made based upon what the business owner likes or listens to. Huge mistake. You’re not trying to sell yourself, are you?

Do Not Jump In and Out of the Radio or TV:

It takes time for radio ads to begin to work. For it to really work, you need to commit to radio ads 52 weeks a year. Jumping on the radio for a few weeks and then off again is only beneficial for radio salespeople.

Buy One Station Get Three Free:

Well, not really. Long before we ever ran an ad on TV, people swore that they called us because of a TV ad. People also routinely tell our call center that they heard radio ads on stations we don’t run on. When you use mass media of any kind, the consumer will rarely be able to tell you exactly where or when they heard the ad. Which further proves a point from before- they must be able to find you very, very easily.

When to Know You Should Be on TV or Radio

Deciding when to start using TV or radio advertising can be a critical decision for your business. Here are some indicators that it might be the right time:

  • Established Market Presence: You have a strong online presence and a consistent influx of leads from other marketing channels.
  • Budget Availability: You have the budget to commit to a long-term advertising strategy without compromising other areas of your marketing plan.
  • Capacity for Growth: Your business operations are capable of handling an increase in call volume and new customers.
  • Brand Recognition Needs: You want to increase brand awareness and become a household name in your service area.
  • Target Audience Reach: You have identified that your target audience frequently consumes radio or TV media.

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise a Plumbing, HVAC, or Home Service Business on the Radio or TV?

Of course, this is market and station dependent. Radio is considered very expensive. In a major market on a major station, you can easily spend $150 per spot and need 20+ per week, which at those numbers is $9,000 per month for one station.

Get Expert Help with Your TV and Radio Advertising

Maximize your TV and radio advertising efforts with Elite Trades. We offer a free, unbiased evaluation to help you understand if TV or radio advertising is right for your business. Additionally, we provide a free introduction to the world’s best TV and radio ad writing and media buying experts. Want to dominate your market? Take Action

Eric Smith - Founder & CEO of Elite Trades

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