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Websites for HVAC & Plumbing Businesses

Websites for HVAC & Plumbing Businesses – What You Actually Need

If you’re looking for ways to amp up the digital marketing efforts for your plumbing or HVAC company, it starts by having an effective website. The chances that a client spends significant time on your website before they call you are extremely high. But a website isn’t just advertising; it’s a high-tech machine that answers every question your prospective client might have. Here’s the thing though—if they never find the answer machine, you’re sunk. Google’s job is to show a searcher the machine that has the answer to the question they are asking. This is called organic search. Here’s how you build your garden of answers. If you build it, you know what happens, right?

Your website must be unique.

This means no templated websites. If you bought your website from someone other than a company that only builds websites, you have a templated website and you need a new one pronto. If you had a “this or that” choice when you chose your website, you have a templated website.

Your content must be relevant and unique.

If your website came with words on it that you did not write, you need a new website (or content) pronto. These words should be written by someone who understands your business, your market, Google, and can sell. These people are hard to come by. If you need one, call us.

Your website must clearly tell users that you can help.

This is called a “call to action.” Have an easy-to-click, easy-to-see, easy, easy, easy way for clients to get your phone number.

Your website must be cell phone friendly.

The big bad wolf marketing people peddling websites like to say things like “mobile optimized” or “responsive.” Regardless of what spin they put on it, there is a better than 50% chance (and climbing) that your clients are viewing your website using a cell phone or mobile device.

Your website must have a way for users to contact you.

We must make it as easy as possible for clients to contact us. At a bare minimum, your website needs a simple “contact us” form that they can fill out and email to someone in your company… someone who will respond. Although we still use a standard contact us form in our plumbing and HVAC companies, they are kinda old school. The better option is to install a live chat feature on your website. There are many different options, many of which are free. If you need help choosing a live chat software for your website, get a hold of us.

Google’s clients are the people who use Google, not you—even though you pay them.

Don’t make the search industry more complicated than it is. If Google started showing you websites for surfboards when you’re looking for snowboards, you would find a different search engine. Google’s only goal is to show its users relevant content and it is constantly searching for better ways to do that. If Google notices that people like videos this week, it will show more videos, etc. If a user searches for water heater replacement and Google shows them your website and the user only spends two seconds on your website, Google makes the assumption that they showed the user a bad website. If people quickly hop off your site frequently, Google won’t show it as much. Makes sense, right?

Love is blind, so is Google.

Google cares about relevant content. It cares if people click on and stay on your site. It could care less about what it looks like. In fact, Google is blind to pictures altogether. A lot of website builders call themselves “designers.” You should care very LITTLE about the design and A LOT about the framework.

If you have a blog on your website, use it.

Most websites have some sort of blog function. Blogging assists with SEO because it’s the addition of new content. If you’re building a website, get one with a blog. If you have a website with a blog, use it.

Your website must display your reviews and make it easy for clients to leave one.

On the homepage of your website, a client should be able to see how great you are. Like the live chat feature, there are many software options that make displaying reviews and acquiring new ones very easy. If you want help choosing one, let us know. A word of caution: Having reviews hosted or posted directly on your website is not very helpful. You want reviews hosted on Google or Facebook. Having links that go back and forth from good sites like Google and Facebook to yours is a very good thing.

You must be able to add pages and change the content easily on your website.

Google takes a picture of the bones and content of your website. The scary internet people call this “crawling.” When Google comes back to your website to take a follow-up picture months later and something is different, this makes Google excited and more likely to come back again and show your site to searchers. For this reason, you need to change and add content on your website. Some website companies will include maintenance or tell you that they will do this for you. That’s fine if they do, but make sure you are able to add content without their involvement.

A designer’s playbook.

When a company proclaims themselves as web designers, then they are a designer. Clothing designers design clothes to make people look good. Personal trainers also make people look good. You can see the difference. Here is the standard web designer’s playbook:

  1. Make a pretty and visually impressive website.
  2. Convince the client they must pay for SEO and PPC.
  3. Collect money from the client monthly.
  4. With some of the money collected, pay Google to drive traffic to the pretty website that can’t stand on its own two feet.
  5. Take credit for all of the traffic the pretty new site is getting. If this sounds like the website relationship you are currently in or considering, please dial 1-800-YOU-ARE-NOT-ALONE.

You must get people to go to your website.

Relevant… remember relevant. A website with zero traffic isn’t relevant to Google. Also, a website (URL) that is brand new is not relevant. Drive people to your website and be patient. It will take a while for Google to notice you.

People who sell SEO services are basically con artists.

I know this is being judgmental but it’s basically true. Elite Trades’ definition of SEO—make Google want to show your site. We just told you how to do that. Now do it and put the $1500/month you were going to pay some SEO service back in your pocket or review our in-depth article about SEO for Plumbers and HVAC.


The total investment for a truly custom website depends on the market you’re in and the size of the site you want. Be cautious that expensive doesn’t mean good when it comes to websites. I once spent $40k on two sites that absolutely sucked compared to the template sites they replaced. Then I replaced the $40k sites with $10,000 sites that worked beautifully. A budget of $10,000-$15,000 should accomplish the mission. More costly than the money is typically the time investment.

Marketing Category/Purpose.

Your website fits into both the branding and advertising bucket of your marketing program, which means we will use it to capture people that need us today and use it to show them what our brand is about.

Tap Root or Feeder Root?

A website is a tap root and a critical foundational piece of GrowAmatic™.

Eric Smith - Founder & CEO of Elite Trades

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